Acadia National Park

A gorgeous place on the east coast of Maine, Acadia National Park was one of my favorite adventures in the USA thus far. Julian and I spent over a week camping in Bar Harbor, Maine. We spent every day hiking beautiful mountains throughout Acadia like Cadillac Mountain, Acadia Mountain, and so many more! We spent 10 days connecting with nature, filling ourselves up, allowing our inner children to shine, and exploring the beautiful greenery that Mamma Earth contains. 


Nature Photography

We just got a beautiful camera so be on the look out for our photos we take of the beautiful places we visit!

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Tori recently visited Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica for her yoga teacher training. The immense beauty was breath-taking. The vines and moss growing all over the beautiful, dancing trees, the gorgeous tropical plants that covered the entire area. It was truly mesmerizing. If you're looking to travel to Costa Rica, this area is highly recommended! It's filled with beautiful scenery, very affordable hostels and resorts, so many mom and pop shops and restaurants, and love, so, so, so much love. 

Hiking Mount Monadnock

One of our favorite local Mountains that we hike quite regularly, in New Hampshire. Our favorite trail to hike on this beautiful mountain is the White Dot trail. This trail allows you to scale the beautiful rock top mountain, allowing your inner child to play and explore as you climb up the rocks. We always choose to hike this mountain barefoot, it's a clean, well maintained mountain and we can never get enough of earthing!


Where are we going next?

As of right now, we are unsure where our next adventure will take us, but stay tuned!





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