Lovely Lungs Loose Leaf Tea

Lovely Lungs Loose Leaf Tea


A lovely floral tasting tea with minty hints, made to help promote wellness as well as help to promote healing of any sort of lung congestion when a cold gets a little bit deeper. Each jar is an 8 oz ball jar and can make 10-15 cups of tea. A wonderful way to boost your immune system as well, and simply delightful to drink.  

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With fall and the cold can come sinus colds, congestion in the nose and lungs, the sniffles and much more. Little Lotus Teas are restocked for the season! 8 oz ball jars are just $10! We have Lovely Lungs Loose Leaf Tea made with herbs that promote the health of your lungs to prevent &/or help heal any congestion in your lungs. Many of the herbs in this blend also boost your immune system to prevent you from getting ill.

A lovely, floral tasting tea with minty hints. This tea blend contains Ginger, Eucalyptus, Elecampagne Root, Calendula Flowers, Marshmallow Root, Elder berries & flowers, Comfrey, and Rosehips.