Here to help you reclaim your health, naturally.


Little Lotus Trading Co. is a small business that wants to help you. Little Lotus' goal is to remind all of the lovely souls that we encounter that the Earth loves us so much that she surrounds us in healing plants to promote our healing, longevity & vibrant health. We hand and heart craft all of our salves, body butters, tinctures, glycerites, perfumes, aromatherapy sprays, and loose leaf teas in small batches to fill them with all the love that we can. Not only does the Earth love us so much that she wants to help us heal, but our bodies love us so much that they are always trying to heal us, too. In addition to our line of products we provide Reiki Sessions and Yoga Lessons to evoke the ancient knowledge within us, that of us being our own healers. Our bodies are always trying to bring our systems back into harmony, but when we need some help, Reiki and Yoga are truly incredible in promoting the natural healing processes. Healing isn't always pretty, healing isn't all smiles, but contains waves of emotions and we are here to listen, open our hearts, and help you along the journey through the joys, the tears, the laughs, & all that it brings.

 A message from the creator of LLTC, Tori Cummings.

Hello lovely, thank you for visiting our site and reading about my dream manifested. Let me introduce myself a little bit. I love to connect with people, deeply and authentically. I love to interact, to learn, to ask questions, to feed my curiosity. I love to learn about holistic health care and remedies. I also love to give, give, give, from a full cup of course. Giving in the form of love, help, and care. I am constantly choosing to devote myself to Little Lotus Trading Co., to the products that we make & making sure to infuse them with all the love that I can muster, to the Reiki sessions I have with clients, as well as the Yoga classes that I instruct. I am here to serve, to listen, to be present, & to hold space for you throughout this journey. 

I am certified in Level 2 Reiki, have been a practicing herbalist since 2015, and am a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher. I am traveling to Peru this summer (June 26th-July 29th, 2019). I look forward to deepen my knowledge and personal journey to share more with you all soon.

I want to hear from you; whether it be what's going on in your life, ailments you've been dealing with and possibly trying to heal, what you're feeling lately, your aches and pains, your call to connect to mother Earth or God or Source, your spiritual awakening, your opinions on the products that Little Lotus Trading Co. offers. I want to hear it all and I want to connect with you. I am here for you; I see you, I honor you, and I thank you. You are so, so beautiful. 

On the Little Lotus team, we are lucky enough to have Tori's partner, Julian Roman. A man who adores nature for her beauty, & whose logical nature balances Tori's driven nature. He helps in the creation process, doing much of the 'behind the scenes' work, vending, and helping the creator through the good and the bad; because there's never good without bad. He has been apart of Little Lotus since 2017 and has learned a great deal about herbalism through self study. He has been a yoga practitioner since 2015, is certified in Reiki 1, and loves plant medicine and has been sharing it with doTerra essential oils, here:

Little Lotus Trading Co. wants to give back. We care about our community and mother Earth so greatly. We regularly go out on hikes with trash bags to throw away anything that's left behind by travelers. We focus on vending for events that support important causes for the Earth, the human race, local communities and animals. As we grow we plan to give back more & more to our community as well as others. Tori's dream is to help her community, and people at large to connect back into their roots. To dive deep into understanding themselves, sharing their authenticity for its beauty & uniqueness, and to come back to natural living. Chemical free, all natural, made from earth products to aid in natural healing, health & wellness. She plans to give back to her communities and one day hopes to be able to share upon a greater scale. To give the opportunity to learn plant medicine, yoga, reiki, and more. To offer free classes. To help.

Little Lotus Trading Co. wants to raise people up. We want to help. We want to be present & we thank you immensely for joining us. 

Namaste <3