Every Step Is A Journey

9. 20. 2017

In a little over a week, I will be traveling to Costa Rica for my Yoga Certification. My mind is all over the place saying "You'll need this, and this and this and you have to do this!" Minds are odd things, constantly filling every moment with a new thought, and sometimes it's really hard to remember that we cannot control our thoughts, we can only control what we do with them. We can either sit and listen to the constant buzzing of our minds or we can harness our consciousness and remind ourselves that we are not our thoughts. 
        This journey is reminding me that every step of our paths are so important. Every choice and every decision we make changes our life. Whether big or small, it cultivates a change. It's so important to surround yourself with wonderful people, filled with love, especially when making decisions. Why is that so? It's because there have been studies to show that the decisions you make depend on who you spend your time around and whose energies you surround yourself with. So, ask yourself, have you been surrounding yourself with loving, caring, helpful people? Ones that move forward with gratitude and love, ones that trust the universe and act without hoping for anything in return? If this isn't the case, start paying attention to your energy when you're around your friends, do they fill you up and give you energy or are they draining you and taking away from your energy? This was something I struggled with for quite sometime. I was quite uncomfortable with being along in my teens, my depression and anxiety constantly had a grasp on me and I wanted to be around people to forget about it all. Reflecting upon it, I allowed many people to drain my prana or life-force energy throughout the years. For the past year, it has been a major focus of mine to pay attention to how I feel when I surround myself with people and it's been leading to so many more deep and meaningful friendships, feeling all the more fulfilled, finding a deeper appreciation for all that is in my life including my passions, and so much happiness. Who doesn't want that in their lives? 
        My love of herbs, nature, yoga, reiki, healing not only myself but others, creating art of various mediums, and the people in my life is deeper than ever. I feel more grateful than I ever have before and attribute all of this to focusing on my own spiritual and healing journey. Every step is extremely important and it's so necessary to focus on yourself. Spend time working on yourself, doing what you love to fill up your cup. Moving forward from a cup that's full allows you to live more fully in the moment, deeply appreciating what's in your life, and with more appreciation you can move forward and act from your heart space, with love. When you act with your heart, your energy and aura becomes more vibrant. Are you ready to live more vibrantly? To be moving from a space of love? If so, it's time to focus on you and spending time doing what you love. So do something positively wonderful for yourself today, and choose you, and see how wonderful it makes you feel.  
       Namaste, my loves. <3

Victoria CummingsComment