Are things chaotic?


Lately, when I chat with any of my friends, clients, coworkers, etc., all I have been hearing is about just how chaotic life has been lately. Whether its children, difficulties at work, big changes in employment or living arrangements and so many more... It just seems as if the world has been turning things upside down.

     I keep responding to all of these by saying that it is a reflection of what is going on in the larger picture. I know for those of you in the USA, I think you know exactly what I mean. In addition to simply the chaos in the US, we are shifting on a bigger scale into the Age of Aquarius, where whole new doors are opening that some couldn't have even imagined. In this time, we shall see the strength greaten in the Divine Goddess energies, and the unhealthy masculinity decline. We will see the beauty in all of Earth's darknesses to bring light and love to them. It is a time shift that will show the power in love, prayer and peaceful protest as well as the time to honor our Mother Earth instead of continuously being ignorant to destroying it. This is the time of the healers, the light workers, the shamans and plant people to rise up and show the power of the Earth. We are all here to be lovers, for love is natural and all aggressions are learned reactions. We are here to help our planet and send it love.

Please join me in sending love, care and hope to our planet and future endeavors. It is time for us to radiate as our lightest being. It is time to do your self healing so that you can help the world heal. Please remember that self care is necessary in aligning and learning how to care about the oneness that you are. So here is to the chaos, the wild adventures and curvy paths that life throws at us, cheers to it all. For it brings us new beginnings, growth, and a new perspective. Here's to seeing the larger picture reflect in all the little things in life. 

Namaste, beautiful beings <3

Victoria Cummings