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Upcoming Events

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Tori will be in peru to further her yoga training with the School of Yoga Institute.

june 26th- july 29th, 2019

Tori will be away and have very limited phone use in the Sacred Valley of Peru, the ancient land of the Incas, where she will be diving into inner work to be able to share more with each and every one of you. Please be patient with replies to emails, calls, voicemails, and texts. As Tori will have restricted access to Wi-Fi and plans to be as timely as possible during this time.

The Shop will still be up and running thanks to Julian! He will be shipping orders out regularly throughout the week and Saturday’s! Just remember that once an item sells out, they will not be restocked until the beginning of August! So much love!

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Harvest Craft Fair at Brookfield Orchards in North Brookfield, Ma September 7th & 8Th, 2019

Come on over to the beautiful Brookfield Orchards, a family owned business for over 100 years in the small town of North Brookfield. Its an incredible family friendly event that has over 80 vendors, hay rides, corn mazes, apple picking, so many yummy food vendors and their amazing Snack Shack!

You’ll be missing out if you don’t join us at this amazing event! Their page below has more information in regard to this great fall time event!


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Sturbridge Herbfest
oct. 5, 2019 ~ 9:30-4:30pm

Join us at Sturbridge Senior Center, on 480 Main Street, Sturbridge, MA. for wonderful classes, vendors, & food! The wonderful owner of Alternatives for Health, Salli Greene, is hosting this event, so please come over and support her lovely shop!

Check out their page for all of the information!



Reiki Healing, Private Yoga Classes, & More

Learn more about the services we have to offer. From Reiki Healing sessions to private yoga classes and plant medicine workshops. Find something just for you! 

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Self-Love & Care

All the products and services that Little Lotus Trading Co. offers are wonderful ways to give back to yourself. To give yourself love, care, time, patience, compassion & understanding. Giving back to yourself, or another loved one is so incredibly important in our fast paced world. We forget that we must honor our bodies- the temples- that we have been granted with in our human condition. When we choose to honor our bodies, thank them for the truly wonderful things that they do for us each and every day, they are more likely to be healthy, able to heal, and continue forward so that you can continue to follow your heart- your dreams, and reach your goals. 


Exploring Mother Earth

Mother Earth or Pachmamma is our anchor, our constant reminder of the ability to give devotionally and without hesitation. Mother Earth is one of our largest teachers, who teaches us lessons of love, acceptance, thriving, and pushing through any difficulties that are thrown at us. She continuously gives to us and exploring her beautiful skin is something that the people behind Little Lotus love to do tremendously. Follow the adventures. 


Plant Based Nutrition

The souls behind Little Lotus Trading Co. live on a plant based diet, they have a true passion for delicious, nutritious, healing foods and want to share some of their recipes with you. In addition to wonderful recipes for delightful meals, snacks and desserts, you can learn about the importance of consuming mostly plant nutrition to live out your wildest dreams with everlasting energy.